Friday, April 21, 2006

Easter: Passion - Home - Work

All of those things. In pictures. I will start to write again soon, but I have to save my words at the moment. I'm using a lot and there aren't as many left over as usual.

The Passion: Albert Square. W
e got a grandstand view from inside the Town Hall and passes to run in and out to see it from both sides. A beautiful evening, and unexpectedly so.

Lovely woman.

Hot Jesus, though the Guantanemo
orange was unnecessary.

I watched all over again on TV at home and took some snaps.

The fast
food concession was strangely appropriate...

Then home for the weekend and a BH walk along the beach at Seaton Sluice.

With my dad doing his best to conceal his disappointment at the fact that he no longer needs to bring a bucket and spade for me that he will then go on to commandeer and spend several hours unnecessarily changing the course of water streams across the sands. Plus ca change & all that.

Then into the bowels of Urbis for a meeting.

Then off for dinner with lovely Alex at a restaurant that smelled of cleaning fluid, where the waitress sat at our table to take our order, whereupon she cheerfully told us they were out of most things and that there was only enough milk for two coffees and the people at the next table were having it. Then the food came. It was really really good. Preceded by a drink at Common. We missed you Mr Frost.

Whether I'm right or wrong. Indeed.


Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Someone taped me the Manchester Passion event but I still haven't had time to watch it. maybe I will save it till next Easter...?

1:00 pm  

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