Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Signs and Wonders

I would hate to cause a delay on Maid Marian Way. I love heritage road naming. I would like to have seen Friar Tuck Boulevard and The Loxley Industrial Estate to be truly happy - but Maid Marian Way is a good start.

Off to Nottingham with JOB1. I meant to perfect the presentation on the train there, but was distracted by the 'need' to listen to four probationary commercial laywers talking about a course they were going on. Hilarious. 'It was a blatant Section 24 and she was like, well I could have asked you but you were too busy and I need to delegate more and I was like how much teflon can one person possess?'

The boys in the Robin Hood Experience were just pulling on their tabards as I passed by at 9.30 - good thing there were no rich to rob at that time of day.

[Erse - blogger won't let me upload the photo - will do it later]

The main problem was that the train was unheated, the journey lasted two hours and I didn't take a coat as I was wearing a suit and didn't want to wear a huge duffel type thing - how wrong I was. When I got to Nottingham it snowed - just to add to the misery.

Oh well.

I have had some very nice comments and welcome back notes from my blog-break. I will definitely blog about why I stopped blogging this weekend and see if I can put it behind me once and for all. I had a lovely visit from Daughter of the Norm the weekend before last who has encouraged me to change my life - so I will also post about that soon too.


Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

You're in / been in Nottingham and you didn't warn me? Shame on you!

Would've bought you a pint or coffee at the least!

Lisa (Rullsenberg of Nottingham!)

BTW Maid Marian Way is possibly one of the most unloved roads in Nottingham, cutting as it does a swath through several old streets up to the castle (aka the big Georgian house on the hill: very disappointing to tourists)

8:58 am  

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