Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It Must Be Blove

Blove is blog love - but I guess that's obvious. You internets guys are so savvy. The term's probably been doing the rounds for ages (does the internets have rounds? or is there a cooler shape to apply? like fractals or helixes/helices?) and I am the e-quivalent of David Hasselhof for not knowing. I'll get over it.

I have been in blove with Chrisafer's work for ages, and his latest post, featuring Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins introduced by Sarah Silverman, is distilled Chrisafer. I blove you, Chrisafer. [In a 'don't be scared, I have no intention of finding where you live and posting photos of myself dressed as Geri Halliwell under your front door' way. Really.]

And here's what he says about it.

Ten Reasons You Too Should Love The Video for Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twin's "Rise Up With Fists!"

1.) The song is, quite simply, stunning
2.) Sarah Silverman is the new David Cross
3.) It's a motherfuckin' Hee Haw parody
4.) Sequined overalls
5.) High PHD quotient (as in Pentacostal Hair-Dos)
6.) The lyric "it was not pretty/but she was"
7.) Blue eye-shadow
8.) Adorkable drummer
9.) The Dating Game-esque blowing kiss at the end
10.) Song titles with exclamation points are just cooler

It's a great track and a lovely video and a too too funny post.

In other news, I introduced a lovely event this evening with the author Helen Oyeyemi who turns out to be as interesting and lovely as she is talented.

Now, I would like to start a campaign to ensure more people are as lovely as they are talented. I've met more than the average number of authors/artists in my time and there's defnintely a bit of a deficit between talent levels and loveliness. I'm sure there is an equation out there to explain the relationship - just as I sure that the Arts Council/ESRC are funding someone right now at the University of North West South Central England to do this research that will eventually fill up valuable pieces of my Sunday papers when said space could be filled with amusing 'think pieces' by people from London who believe that not shopping for boutique heritage bread in a local organic bakery is akin to shooting tiny baby seals.

OK, I'm not sure where the last bit came from. But nevermind. Talented people should be more lovely. That's what Im saying. Except Helen Oyeyemi, who was lovely and is talented.


Blogger Chrisafer said...


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Blogger Clare said...

"defnintely a bit of a deficit between talent levels and loveliness."

God, you're right, you know. I have this awful habit of sending random emails to people whose talent I admire, or even worse, grabbing hold of them at some event or other and forcing them to have long conversations with me (i.e. listen to me drone on about nothing in particular)... and it's amazing how often the loveliness matcheth not the talent.

Or maybe it's amazing that I could be so naive... after all, talent is not the same thing as loveliness. But... but... it bleedin' well ought to be! Dammit.

Still, you only have to look at Helen Oyeyemi to tell she's great. And just to rebalance things, here are some more talented people I have met who were also suitably wonderful:

Julia Darling
Jim Dodge
Thomas Truax
Helen Walsh
Lol Hammond

9:23 pm  
Blogger c&v said...

I only met Jim Dodge briefly, but he seemed v lovely. I never got to meet Julia Darling, unfortunately, but everyone tells me she was a fairly amazing woman. Wd like to meet Helen Walsh too.

There are lots of lovely people who are talented, you're right - it's just that you remember the ones who are arses more clearly because you tend to be really disappointed by them as well as annoyed at their high level of arsishness...

2:18 pm  

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