Friday, February 10, 2006

Swan(n) in Love

The start of this post is about real swans, but do you see what I did with the title? Do you? I might even refer to Madeleine as a person or swan or something. Crazy.

I never believed the whole swans doing weird dances things when mating. Even as a lifelong David Attenborough fan, I just thought it was hype. But this morning, there it was, happening before my eyes. One of the swans would do something, and then the other, a millisecond later, would copy. I swear that it was watching and copying. I may be anthropomorphising, but you know, swans have feelings too.

I was up early but my run was cancelled and MsH came for early coffee instead. It looks like she will be moving in on a part time basis for a while, which will be fun. Though I haven't lived with anyone for about 7 years - so all a bit strange. One of my first thoughts was, 'Should I hide the growing collection of novels that I would rather people didn't know I read' (i.e. bad novels called things like 'A Summer Forgiven' and 'Aren't the People in Italian Villages Marvellous in a Rustic Way Even If They Don't Know About Blackberries of the Electronic Kind'). Then my second thought was that if I was a proper grown up man, I would be worried about hiding my porn collection. But I don't have one. Oh well.

I decided on a day of office-based photography so took one image of the Heath-Robinson contraption set up on the office roof to catch the overflow of hot water from the heating system and direct it down the guttering - i.e. an upside down metal dustbin lid on bricks...

Then I thought I would commemorate a corner of my desk with its very own starring role. You can just see pieces of Fee and Kate chatting in the background. Aaah.

Off to the Manchester Blog Meet tomorrow - and then the 'Zinefest - followed by Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley) at the Hop & Grape. Good job I don't have a porn stash - I wouldn't have time to do anything with it.


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