Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Forgot to add another good building site shot.

This one's by the old/new law courts down by what we now have refer to as the Spinningfields district (i.e. the bit-by-the-Mark-Addy-floating-pub-that-used-to-do-posh-cheese-ploughmans-lunches-that-you-could-take-home-if-you-couldn't-finish-which-was-a-big-thing-in-the-early-90s). It's a proper deep hole with loads of kit and big girders - everything I like in a building site, in fact.

It's also worth putting in a pic of the Beetham Tower as seen from my bed. I love watching the tower on a daily basis - is has grown quite a bit since I've lived here and is slowly but surely getting covered in glass as time goes on.

And that is my knee in the bottom of the pic. I'm a shameless self-publicist, what can I say.


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