Wednesday, February 15, 2006

love hangover

Not really. They are mats for putting next to your toilet. As if.

Just a trip to the evil empire of IKEA to pick up a quilt cover and other bits of domestic detritus. It is a fascinating place though. However not in the mood I am for being there (see how I have mastered the elements of middle American post-Buffy grammar?), I love watching and listening to the way people move around the place and how groups choose to behave. Tonight there were some really good groups: two gay (male couples) who were obviously at the start of relationships. One group of 'double daters' i.e. two couples shopping together in a foursome: hugely competitive behaviour between the men and lots of eye rolling between the women. A lot of families enacting their various power struggles amidst the piles of Srevrrig cups and Srjjjllt light fittings. Oh, and me and Angharad looking at the flashing brightly coloured things in awe.

Thanks to the lovely Mrs Trellis for this, a further entry on Gay Cowboys. I couldn't work out from the piece whether it was Willie Nelson or his manager who was gay - then I realised I didn't care, it's the song title that got me: Cowboys are Secretly, Frequently (Fond of Each Other).

I don't think we'll see that on Stars in their Eyes for a while.

On a more serious, proper blogger note, thanks to Manchizzle for the link to this fascinating article on blogging and the virtual glass ceiling.


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