Friday, February 17, 2006

Going to the Chapel and...

Am quite excited to be going to a lovely wedding of lovely friends tomorrow. I've known Saffron for years and years, since 1990 or something, which is like almost pre-history; or at least a time when we thought that leg warmers would never again be fashionable, which is almost the same thing.

The downside is that the ceremony is in Basingstoke. Which is Hampshire. Which is not that far, it's just awkward. I have to get a train at seven in the morning and won't get back until midnight. I could have flown to Southampton but there's only one flight a day on Saturdays and I need to get back for Sunday. Oh yeah, and I wouldn't want a whole chunk of the ice cap collapsing off the coast of Canada on account of my inability to get to Piccadilly Station in time to catch a train. I could have stayed over, but I won't really know anyone except Saffron and her soon-to-be civil partner Anna, and they may too preoccupied to cater for my social unease for the entire day.

I'm sure I'm not alone in hating the prospect of being the single person in a big crowd of friends and family, but despite the terror this inspires, I wouldn't miss it for the world. How bad can Hampshire be after all - Watership Down happened there [forget the bit about Thumper dying and the nasty red eye shit and the trippy ending - I never got that bit really, I was only there for Simon and Garfunkel].

So. We're going to the Georgian register office and we're gonna get civilly partnered. Not easy to sing, but worth celebrating every inch of the way.

Here's Urbis from the Victoria end of town -

you can just about see the Beetham Tower in the distance.


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