Thursday, February 09, 2006

cheap thrills

I'm blogging from work and it feels bad - in a good way...

I could be completing a digital content audit, finishing a funding application, finding a venue for eight musicians and a writer to perform a mixed media exploration of the effects of the civil rights movement on the lives of a group of older people in the southern states of America - or blogging.

Oh well. At least I'm not slumped in my pjs watching Murder She Wrote with a crunchy bar wedged down my gullet. But now that I think of it...

No reason for posting. I haven't just had an insight into the free speech/respect debate; nor discovered a new thing that allows people to do another thing with computers (that's as near IT as I get). Nothing.

I spoke to a friend this morning who was trying to explain why she doesn't like Westerns. Her main reason - apart from hats and leather trousers, which is fair enough - is that the characters aren't allowed to chat enough or 'properly' as she put it. They have to make do with meaningful stares and scanning the horizon in a 'deep' way. Despite these defects, she managed to enjoy Brokeback Mountain and encouraged me to go and see it. [Apologies to purpleprince for not passing on the soundtrack - I will, 'onest.] I can see her point. I would much rather chat than do almost anything else. I love chatting. Deep chatting, of course, not your common or garden 'oh hello' chatting, but full on 'and then he said to me that what she had said was totally not what he had heard her saying that he had said, and I was like no!' sort of chatting.

I want to go home.


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