Monday, February 06, 2006

Big Fat Heart

I woke up worrying that I went over the top with my praise of Antony's Divine in last night's entry. So I played it on loop on the way to work and try to achieve some objectivity.

The opening lines are a bit lame, 'Goodbye baby, baby goodbye'
- too close to Frankie Valli/Bay City Rollers territory for my liking. Hmmm.

'Divine, oh Divine, falling like a picture of time.' Also not great. A picture of time - nup, just a big boned tranny with an unfortunate penchant for absolutely anything with sequins on (or that was deep fried).

'Well he was the mother of America, he was my self-determined guru.' Getting better. I like the idea of Divine as the mother of America, half nurture, half torture and all consumer (in many ways).

'Myself well I hold your big fat heart in my hands, well I hold your bleeding heart in my hands'. Now we're motoring. I'd love someone to write that about me. The 'fat' is an aggressive and unapologetic adjective and I like it. Having a big heart is supposed to be a good thing. But fat? Well that's a whole new value system coming into a play and it's done very well.

'A supernova, a flame on fire shining in the darkness'.
Ok, not bad, but a flame wouldn't be a flame if it wasn't on fire. I'm being picky, I know.

'did someone mention a rapture well I turn to think of you
who walked the way with so much pain who holds the mirrior up to fools' Can't argue with that.

'and I'll murder the ingrates who stand in our way and I'll swallow shit laughing on my bed of hay'
I guess we're at the film reference bit of the song - but I still like it - back to yesterday's Kill A Mockingbird feeling...

'and I hold your big fat heart in my hands, and I hold your burning heart in my hands, a supernova, a flame on fire, shining in the darkness. Divine, Divine. A supernova, a flame on fire. Shining in the darkness.'

All good.

But of course, none of this captures the stunning vocal performance. The meldody and production is a bit clunky, but Antony belts it to within an inch of the song's life and it's still fantastic. So I can stop worrying. That's that sorted out then.

I did transcribe those lyrics myself - quickly - so apologies if I messed up. You can get a lot of his lyrics at Always On the Run - though the quality is 'variable'.


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