Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Salford Mon Amour

On a more Manchester note - it seems like the BBC (who have been taunting and teasing us with the promise of moving some of their (less important) departments up here from London for some time) have made the decision to site their main new home in Salford. Hahahahaha.

The 'Vision Manchester' days they've been preparing their shit-scared and reluctant staff with before the move will be an even harder sell now. No offence, but calling parts of Manchester New Islington and Little Italy may have fooled some of the media tarts some of the time, but trying to tell them that swapping a bijou residence in Putney/a cutting edge loft in Hoxton for an Urban Splash upside down terrace in a development call Chimney Pot Park on the Langworthy Estate is going to be a hard sell... (Although you've got to hand it to the Urban Splashers - they do a great website. See Chips and the Three Towers and you'll see why they sell their stuff so quick.)

I can't find any announcement about the decision going to Salford on the internets, but I'll keep looking...


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