Monday, January 02, 2006

Here We Go

Onwards into 2006.

I had a really good Christmas - it was just too short. I caught a train home to Newcastle horribly early on Christmas Eve (although not early enough to avoid a couple of drunks waving cans of Carlsberg at me and asking for directions to the polics station...), and enjoyed an amazing sunrise over the Pennines. The journey was slightly marred by the pervasive smell of kitchen refuse that blew up and down the carriage every few minutes - but hey, at least I had a seat and there was no river flowing from the toilets.

Christmas Day was the regulation mixture of food preparation (step away from the bird), damage limitation (I know, why don't I take the kids into the living room to watch the end of The Snowman before they cry/shout/plunge their pink-clad arms into the steaming piles of food again - said in sprightly tones that betray not a hint of the fortifying G&Ts), endurance (no Uncle Colin, I'm not married yet) and well intentioned fibbing (no, no, I LOVE peach toned cotton knit boxers - especially in multipacks).

Boxing Day my parents and I drove to Holy Island - see below - which was spectacular - and bloody freezing.

Got back to Manchester on Tuesday and back to work on Wednesday. I came back down the west side of the country as the weather forecast was so bad (I say bad - for us bad. It's not like we have never seen a light dusting of snow and felt the bite of ice before. You know you're getting old when weather related media hysteria prompts sentences that begin, 'In the winter of '78...')

Blogspot is spitting out my ice-related pictures so I'll move onto a new post.


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