Monday, January 02, 2006

Chattering Classes

So, here's the frozen canal - it was such a pretty sight, for at least two hours until the Manchester equilibrium was regained and it pissed down, thus melting everything in sight.
Then it was full tilt back into work as JOB 1 has an major audit inspection on the horizon and JOB2 needed lots of work on the accounts and budgets done - which is tedious, but strangely satisfying after a few hours when you are able to disappear into the abstract spreadsheet of the business. It's easy to forget that all the boxes, figures, receipts and invoices are physical records of the heart of the business, but that however much work you put into them, they don't really touch the heart of what it's all about. Fascinating and oddly engaging. Perhaps proper accountants are real people after all - who'd a thought?

I was exhausted by the time New Year came, so it was a night in with the Ashes (TY Alex) and champagne. New Year's day, Angharad and I went up to Alderley Edge - the only hill in Cheshire or something, and the location of Alan Garner's fabuluous books The Weirdstone of Brisingaman and The Moon of Gomrath. I was obsessed by these books as a child and reread them endlessly. They are based on Celtic and vaguely Arthurian legend and I remember being so inhabited by the stories that I marched into the local village library and asked for some of the books listed in the bibliography that Garner provided. Now while Newburn library had a fair stock of Catherine Cookson and Virgina Andrews (Wor John Willie and Flowers in the Attic kind of define the stock range), there had been little previous call for the various volumes that make up The Mabinogion and other obscure tomes of lore and legend and spell making that I sought after.

I don't know why I've never been to the Edge before. Perhaps I knew I would be disappointed - and I was a bit. It was New Year's day, it was always going to be busy. But even still - it all seemed very tame and National Trust-ed up to the hilt. Great views though.

We parked outside the Wizard pub - which was as close I as would get to Cadellin Silverbrow and the Svart Alfar.

But don't you think it strange that I should get there for the very first time with someone called Angharad? Angharad Goldenhand is a figure from Celtic legend that appears in the books - providing refuge and a link to the Ancient Magic that Susan becomes part of in the second part of the story. You can tell that it has stayed with me. Angharad is not exactly a common name, so I thought this would be a near guarantee that something mystical woudl happen once there. It probably did and I was probably too busy taking clandestine pictures of a really cute Westie or trying to not stand in a puddle or somesuch.

Here comes the 'start of a new year' bit where I approach gravity and weighty topics.

Not really. I like writing this blog too much to pollute it with my indecision, uncertainty and doubts about the coming year. Onwards!


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