Monday, January 09, 2006

breaking up

do you have days when you just don't make the connection? when you lose something each time you try and speak or write to someone? when everything you mean comes out 30 degrees off line and all askew?

that's me for the past couple of days. don't know what it is or how it happens - but hey ho.

here's home from the footbridge across the river. it's a bit of a crap photo but never mind.


blogspot is not happy tonight - my pics aren't being uploaded...

oh well.

i've also noticed a severe reaction to the lack of light over recent days. i am strangely tearful at odd times, down and a generally moping bastard at the moment, and i am sure it is due to low light levels and general winter gloom. nothing to do with overwork, stress, lack of life, eating to compensate and inability to organise my time sufficiently well to maintain good friendships and ensure enough exercise and general goodness - oh no.

Am reading some great new blogs though - and Manchizzle is geting the Manchester blogs organised for a great new project we are working on as well, so things will get better with the coming of light.

Perhaps light is the medicine of the future...


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