Saturday, December 03, 2005

Well Really

Enough of that.

So much to talk about. Christmas is here - and it's legit...

It was just as pretty in Glasgow when I visited to see
Antony & the Johnson's with the lovely Laura.

Another fantastic gig. It was a bigger venue than last time, so some of the intimacy was lost - but hey, you can get too intimate.

The new flat is great - I haven't had a lot of time to get used to it - or at least that's what it feels like - but it's very pretty, glamorous and grown up. I feel pensions and mortgages coming on.

I have become mildly obsessed by the wildlife on the river. I sat for 30 minutes one morning last week watching a heron faff around on the riverbank opposite by bedroom window. I was late for work. For one moment when it arrived, I got confused and thought it was a pelican, but remembered that they are more likley to appear on the keys of Florida and less likely to be on the Irwell in central Manchester. It was still great though.

Then there were these duckish things that dived underwater and didn't come back up - I waited for ages and considered calling a bird-based charity to ask for help - but thought better of it. Perhaps they really do have underwater nests with big oxygen bubbles to breathe from. Or not.

My walk to work is a bit more attractive too. It was so cold and lovely in the days after I moved in that I took this shot as I walked through Castlefield.

So. Work and Christmas and Family and stuff. A lot of questions to answer.


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