Sunday, December 11, 2005

jesus chris

I love bla bla black sheep and regularly use it as a starting point for hikes through the blogosphere - the December 7 entry had me close to weeping in a scene only rivalled recently by a conversation about the relative gayness of shirt badges.

I have been a bad blogger recently and resolve to be much better in the New Year.

Here's a shot of Castlefield last week as I walked to work at an ungodly hour.

I had a very nice Friday evening with S&D in Yorkshire. It was preceded by one of the worst journeys of my life that involved a Transpenine Express (it's barely trans and certainly not an express), several drunks, rush hour, no seat, flooded toilets and a foul tempered conductor. Oh well. I had a great night and wonderful morning - I never want to come home when I visit and am considering a late application for adoption.

It's been a beautiful weekend - spoiled only by the prospect of JOBS1 and 2 this week - a three hour meeting for JOB1 tomorrow that could well leave much blood on the carpet and a set of meetings for JOB2 that make me exhausted in theory, never mind in practice. I am having almost constant fantasies about fleeing Manchester to live in the Highlands or on Holy Island or some such place that would, obviously, welcome the gays with open arms and not be hostile, difficult or socially precarious at all. Oh no.

I have been looking in to the possibility of rearing gay pets to tap into next Christmas's pink lifestyle pound. It's exactly what a recently 'married' couple would want, I feel, and I could make a fortune and run my own business in the country. Which house proud gay newlyweds wouldn't dish out huge amounts of cash for a certificated gay hairless hound, or a lesbian rabbit or similar? I can see it now - gay bull terriers for the scally-loving skin head crew, lady loving rare breed cats for the more discerning lezzer - the possibilities are endless. I may encounter some problems in getting a gay certificate for the lower forms - say goldfishes or snakes - but I'm sure there's a vet on the internets who I could bribe...

Lovely sunset today.

It almost distracted me from the pleasurable past time of laughing at the hoards of Man United fans passing by my windows in the trams from Old Trafford after their team's pitiful performance this afternoon.
Not quite though.


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