Monday, December 05, 2005

City After-Life

Looks like it's the end of City Life. The Guardian Media Group is closing down the Manchester listings mag and binning some great writers and a lot of hard work at the same time.

I went to the protest last Friday outside the HQ of the Guardian in the North - on Deansgate. The axe wielder himself turned up to explain the corporate decision - but I couldn't hear above the noise of clapping and occasional outbreaks of faux carol singing.

Actually, group chanting and singing is somewhere just beyond my comfort zone - I tend to mumble and and find something interesting to look at in the opposite direction. Although I can get into it if I try. It's a bit like dancing or swimming naked - once you're doing it it, you're fine, but if you hesitate at the start, all is lost and much embarrassment ensues.

So. The Guardian Media Group. Shame on you. I wonder how much the new Berliner formatting cost - new presses, new design, new everything? Probably enough to keep City Life going for a couple of years. The only funny thing about the situation was watching a portion of the scandalised mob getting upset about the fact that it was the Guardian who lowered the axe - like this major business group behaves differently than the Barclay twins or News International. Just because the Guardian has a Woman's Page and likes the Gays does not mean it's executives pet kittens in their spare time and consider how best they can promote the best development of all the lovely workers above all other considerations. Get over it.

JOB1 is baaad. I have now become a real member of the company and am no longer a freelancer. I am contracted to work 17.5 hours per week over two and a half days. I worked 11 today alone. Arse.


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