Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I look at a lot of blogs. I even read some to the end too. But I can never be arsed to list them all down the right hand side of my own blog. Does that make me a bad person? I look at blogs, see how they flaunt their blog-links and declare their membership of the wider blogworld and feel ashamed sometimes. But then you have to click on the tech-side bits of the blog page and adjust codes and type stuff in and update it and try to figure out why it doesn't appear and then swear when you realise you've spelled the name of the blog wrongly or made some crass tech/blog mistake by refering to the internets as the web or something like that... (Thanks to my mother this week who mailed to ask me what an mpg player was and if she was better off with a 4g version or not. I love you.)

Oh well. I resolve to add more shit to the side of my page next year. I might even move on to a 'cool' platform like moveable type. Or not, as the case might be.

So. Thanks to
happily stuck in ithaca for a fun podcast tonight, thanks to bloggold and to can't help but love you, you know (I feel a bit like I am spying on your life in a bad way, but it's a little compulsive. I want to know what is so wrong with BHS and why is Shane sometimes Shein?) Thanks also to nervous breakdown and bloggold .

It's time to open up and share. I love building sites and often take 'photos of them. There, it's out in the open. I haven't shared this with you yet - we've only been in this relationship for a few months and it feels a little intimate.

I feel the same way about fish markets, motorway service stations, tiny models of things and stuffed animals.

I'm very lucky that Manchester is basically one massive building site at the moment. There are big holes, cranes, scaffolding and stuff everywhere. I particularly like excavations and reinforced dugouts.

I figure I should just be glad that so many free things make me happy and that I have no interest in owning Swarowski crystal nipple clamps, or a Smythson leatherette shrug holder with a Stella McCartney vegetarian snaffle clip. Jesus - I can spend 20 minutes staring at flashing lights in stunned amazement. I am such a cheap date.


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