Wednesday, November 02, 2005

two (hundred) for tea

Thanks to Wonkette for breaking the embargo and publishing the guest list for Charles and Camilla's White House dinner tonight.

It's all very well that the American Ambassador to the UK is there (that must be an expensive return trip) alongside the head of Walmart etc. But the really interesting people are further down the list...

Dr. Richard Merkin, Heritage Provider Network (Guest) -- aah. It's always useful to have a merkin at the dinner table, I find.

Mr. Andrew Cosslett, Chair, Duchy Originals, Chief Executive Officer, Intercontinental Hotels Group It's good to have the man who makes the biscuits close to hand. Perhaps he's after a contract?

Mr. Oscar de la Renta, Designer Mrs. Anne de la Renta, Vice-Chairman, The Metropolitan Museum of Art A straight fashion designer? I am shocked by the very thought.

Mr. Kelsey Grammer, Actor Is Charles in need of an emergency shrink in case the questions get too tough? Although I suppose he is used to being surrounded by closet gays (I mean Frasier - not Kelsey - although it is a bit of gay name...)

Mr. Robert P. Koch, President and Chief Executive Officer, Wine Institute Aaahhh. Mr P Koch. You'd think he might - ahem - eliminate the P before it was taken...

Mr. Red Steagall, Poet Laureate of the State of Texas 2006 Now what rhymes with 'foolish monkey-boy in charge of the world'?

The fun potential is almost endless...


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