Saturday, November 12, 2005


I've just been to pick up the keys to my new flat and sign the contracts. All very strange. Then I spent a while just going around the new flat suffering from change-related stress. Is the new place as nice as I thought? Is it worth the rent? Will my stuff fit in it? It's a strange feeling being in somewhere new (though I'm blogging from the old flat while I wait for the removal van to come - there's no internet access in the new place as yet and I can't transfer my olf deal to there as there's no NTL coverage which is a pain in the ass).

Everything is packed (almost).

It's a beautiful day too. Sunshine, scudding clouds, fresh winds and a rainbow. Perhaps this is a good omen - it has to be a better omen than the freezer full of defrosting junk food that I discovered in the new flat...

So it's all change. The removal man is a complete stranger called Alan - I've never met him, I don't know yet how much he is charging (it's a short and tedious story) and I'm not even 100% certain he's going to show up... I think today is going to be a 'challenge'.

I only managed to get a couple of hours off work yesterday afternoon so was up until about 2am packing - I didn't even get a chance to use my Little Britain tickets or go to the launch of the new biog of Anthony Burgess yesterday. Boo.

Oh well. I'm off to call 'Alan' (he could be anyone, I called a firm I found on the internet and because I had left it so late (i.e. 4.30pm yesterday) to book the van, he couldn't do it, but knew a man who could. Hence Alan). Fingers crossed.


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