Wednesday, November 02, 2005

League Division

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who is more attractive, wittier, more glamorous and socially sucessful than yourself? Have you ever worried that even just being with that person is somehow letting them down? Have you felt that 'What on earth is s/he doing with me?' feeling?

I have that now.

My new bike is too good for me.

It's a Marin Novato and I am in love.

I know it's early days. We will get used to eachother's quirks over time. It will get a bit battered with use and I will shape up and dress more appropriately (no more flip flops, riding drunk or giving people lifts on the back). But will I ever feel good enough inside? It's a worry.

Oh well. This week has involved glamorous travel, high-powered parties and endless repartee with a glittering array of international wits. Well, a return trip to Warrington anyway.

Now I've nothing against Warrington in principle - but really, it could try harder. It seemed to be made of roundabouts and industrial parks with a few traffic jams to indicate the relative centres of commerce.

It hasn't even got the big pull of St Helen's World of Glass - which I can thoroughly recommend as a fun day out for all the family (blow glass, watch glass being blown, see a film about the many and unexpected uses of glass (replacement hips - who'd a thunk it)). The hours flew by.

It does have an arts centre in the shape of a pyramid though, which is a good effort I think you will agree.

Still no luck on the flat front. I think my dream flat is back on the market however, so I will try the estate agent again tomorrow and see if we can cut a deal over the rent. I want to live there quite a lot...

And it's farewell to David Blunkett.

I might actually give a (guide) dog's cock if he hadn't transformed from the people's champion into Vlad the In-Brailler (I know that's a bad joke, but it's late and really, I just don't care enough). I have a measure of sympathy for heartless hounding he has experienced over recent months, and I am genuinely impressed by his capacity to bang every willing posh bird within his radius while holding down a demanding job and extracting monies for influence across a wide range of business sectors. But it's not enough David.

Two words: Immigration Policy.

I hope you are ashamed of yourself.



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