Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I slept through both alarms this morning and woke at about five past nine in a total panic. I would bore you with details of the amazing dream involving flying dinosaurs and coach trips that kept me asleep for so long, but even I have a remaining ounce of pity in my soul for those brave few who read this.

Anyway - my lateness resulted in a mad dash to JOB1 where I managed to be only 10 minutes late for a meeting. Result. I normally end up gazing out of the window in a gormless state of semi-consciousness while trying to decide whether I have enough time for breakfast until it becomes apparent that I've deliberated for so long that I'm late anyway - so at least I cut out the middle stage today.

At JOB1 until after 7 and it's a bit creepy late at night:

I am now in moving melt-down phase 1. I have sorted books and papers, thrown out huge amounts of tat and garbage (though I haven't had the heart to start on my record collection yet) and boxed up half of my life already. I need to book a removal van and then start calling the one hundred and sixty three organisations that know I live here to tell them that I will be living somewhere else soon. I made a long list in a moment of insomnia last week - and interestingly, the dry cleaner came out above the doctor on my 'must alert' list. If I am struck down by a terrible illness I will at least have a clean and pressed suit on. My mother will be relieved.

She would be less relieved were she to know that I derived a not insignificant amount of pleasure in taking the following photo:

Don't know why this should be the case - perhaps because the Police spend so much time and energy catching images of us all on CCTV, or perhaps not. I don't actually care... it just felt gooood.


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