Wednesday, October 26, 2005

where's the man cocktail?

Off to the newly refurbed bar at the Refuge Assurance building - whatever hotel it's called - and a summit over what I'd hoped would be a class cocktail.

Despite the fabulous decor (this is the back door - you can imagine the gorgeousness of the rest of the place) and great company, it was a drink-based let down.

It was a terrible shock. The drinks list was awful and consisted entirely of lady cocktails. Things with kaluah, windberry and sloe flavoured vodkas, drinks from bad American comedies and the like. There wasn't even a proper Martini - just something called an 'easy listening' martini or something, that contained Baileys, orange juice, glitter, a scrunchy from Claire's Accessories, two old lipsticks and a teeny tiny pair of replica Jimmy Choos. Well, maybe not the last few items, but you get my drift. Nothing you could drink in a normal glass, no Negroni, no manly Vodka Martini, nothing that a man could enjoy after a long day hunting on the Veld and thrashing one's servants to within an inch of their lives.


I was cheered by the appearance of the following massage parlour on the edges of Chinatown.

The Tropical Palm Massage Parlour - classy. And if you click on the image you might be able to see the added text reading 'Entrance at rear'. You couldn't make it up. Even better than a man cocktail, I think.

I knew it would be a good day for comedy when I saw the following on the way to work this morning. Now I love Manchester and have lived here a long time, but one thing that the city and its residents sometimes lack is charm. It and they make up for it in many other ways, but charm is a scarce commodity here. This road sign alteration is, however, with its little red sticker and understated nature, charming. And funny. And given the parlous state of city centre traffic and congestion, very accurate...

I am off to Sheffield tomorrow so may even take photos of another city to put up here.


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