Saturday, October 22, 2005


Blogspot let me down last night. It just wouldn't upload my pics. What's a boy supposed to do? I'm not into the blame game - but IT WAS BLOGSPOT'S FAULT.

This is the reality of Salford on a wet Friday morning. Strangeways tower smokes in the background. Doom lingers on the pavements. (I made the last bit up - are you impressed?)

I did nothing today. It was glorious. Up at 7.30 as a result of habit and insomnia - but a bit of washing, hoovering and a quick sing-a-long-a Kathleen Ferrier and Herbert von Karajan doing St Matthew's Passion soon had me on track. I rediscovered the joys of Home Truths and thoroughly enjoyed the John Peel special - as someone who listened to Peel off and on since 1986 it was a lovely thing to here. [I still can't get over the Glad-to-be-gay-but-gladder-to-get-married-and-have-kids presenter - but that might just be me and my bitterness...)

After that, I reclined on the sofa, watched some bad TV and took a three hour nap to recover. Then made soup and roasted chicken to round off a supremely indolent and very lovely day.


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