Thursday, October 20, 2005


Another day in sunny city... Well, there was about 15 minutes of sun around about 4.30pm. Which was nice. It happened just as I was passing this lovely building - that has been effectively raped by developers and turned into a back packers' hostel. Boo hiss. Look at the windows, the detail, the tiles and brick work. I suppose the only hope for it is yet more apartments.

Am very glad it is Friday tomorrow. I am feeling increasingly annoyed, aggressive and antagonistic with the world - and its population - and am fairly certain it's not my fault this time.

Went to see a lovely flat I might move in to - if my money is good enough for the landlord. So, remind me, who is paying whom here? If I am willing to pay the best part of a lot of money every month to some random person, I feel a little aggrieved that this person is quibbling over the length of lease I am willing to sign. It has almost put me off wanting the place at all. Still, I should be patient and wait and see...

So then for a quick drink with the lovely Alex, new beaux, and David and Neil. There is some remaining sanity in the world.

It just isn't apparent in the lifts at JOB2. Someone defaced the rabbit! [See previous posts] I am outraged. I may stage a vigil and/or witch hunt. Who do these people think they are? Have they no respect?


Blogger hyponchondria jones said...

Do ya think it was the fear of the were-rabbit?

8:04 pm  
Blogger c&v said...

very possibly - i may set traps...

9:25 am  

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