Monday, October 24, 2005

mistletoe and whine

I'm annoyed.

Exhibit A: the first Christmas lights go up on the Cross Street junction.

It's October. It's not Jesus season by any stretch of the imagination. I blame Marks and Spencer (and the City Centre Management Company), but more of this in a moment.

About 20 millimetres from these lights is the following window display.

Exhibit B:

It's seasonal schizophrenia. No, that's bordering on the insulting. There's a clear rationale behind the clashing seasons - and it begins with the letters MONE and ends with the letter Y. And it's madness.

Back to Marks and Spencers. OK, so I went in last week (I'm sorry, but sometimes they are the only place left on a Sunday afternoon to buy the papers, and they sell these really good tomatoes from Cheshire (called Santini, if you're interested)) and there was a big sign announcing the sale of mulled wine. This is bad. It's annoying and bad and totally out of place. And then I look closely and see that they are selling bottles of mulled WHITE WINE.

Is this legal? I think there may be an EU law against such shocking and apalling innovations. It's like selling Brie de Meaux 'sandwich slices', or cans of Champagne. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Now, I know the festive season is really about the celebration of the redemption of mankind and the shifting of whopping great amounts of product - but this isn't on. Should we start a revolt?


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