Wednesday, October 19, 2005


A lie in today. Up at 6.30am to pack a little extra worrying in before work.

I wish this morning had looked like this...

But this shot was taken in September. Still - it's a pretty shot and I love walking across Albert Square to work. A 9am JOB1 meeting to start the day. With someone really clever - which is a nice change too. I like meeting these people. I would not claim to be clever myself as I know too many Britney lyrics and prefer to talk about Cher over Schopenhauer, but I recognise the quality and appreciate it...

Ended the day with a board meeting for JOB2 - which was ok. Got quite a bit done, realised there was more to do and gained a much clearer sense of what remains to be done - and who could help do it.

I really love working, but think I might be a bit needy. It's not like I expect a cheerleading squad and a wet-lipped lovely to gasp in appreciation at every envelope I stick down, but I have noticed a desire for approval in myself that I find a little disturbing.

I blame an early addiction to the Kids from Fame. However bad the perms got, and however strained the plots, there was always someone there telling Bruno/Doris/Coco/Leroy/Miss Sherwood and Lydia (here's where you start paying, in sweat) Grant how wonderful they were.

In the words of Prince - I need another lover. (Don't think about the finishing clause). Although, it does make me think about famous songlines mentioning lovers... What about Joni Mitchell - ' there's a wide, wide world of noble causes, and lonely landscapes to discover, but all I really want to do right now is find another lover...'

Anyone got a better example?

I leave you with a new piercing and tattoo shop in the Northern Quarter. Its name, you ask? Holier than Thou. D'you see what they've done? Do you?


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