Tuesday, October 25, 2005

it might as well rain until when?

'And it came to pass in the mean while, that the heaven was black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain. And Ahab rode, and went to Jezreel.' 1 Kings 18: 44-46

I think Jezreel is just past Longsight on the way to Stockport, but may be mistaken.

It rained today. Well and truly. It started raining this morning and just carried on. There was a brief window of sunshine that passed over just as I was walking back from The Sandwich Shop during which I took the following picture of brilliant sunshine on Albert Square:

The river is well up the bank, and the wind is giving it some serious welly too. It will no doubt be one of those nights where I dream that the whole tower block is swaying back and forwards and that I suddenly lose a whole wall from the bedroom and have to cling to my bed to stop from falling out and down...

It might sound dramatic, but all my dreams have this incredibly mundane quality to them which must somehow reflect my essential dulness. Sometimes I dream that I'm flying and I can feel every movement of my body through the air - but all I can think of in the dream is, 'Oh, so that's what the top of Kwik Save looks like...' or somesuch.

Oh well. On the positive side, there has been some more movement - of sorts - on the flat front. The landlord said his other interested party also did not want to sign a 12 month contract, so if I out bid them, I could sign for 6 months as I'd wanted. To which I had to say no - as he wanted too much for the flat and I feel somehow suspicious of him now. I know it's commerce, but I'd like a little more pretence and veneer to the whole process. If you pay for a hooker, you don't want them to have the price list around their neck and a swipe card facility strapped to their back, surely? I may be wrong on this one. I haven't heard back since, which might, actually be a good sign. No news being no news, after all.

I also took a pic of the wheel over Exchange Square - just because.

It's pretty and it's a spectacle and all that stuff. See the wheel. Gasp in amazement, 'How did they squeeze it into the tiny space between Selfridge's and the Triangle (Corn Exchange - it will always be the Corn Exchange)? How can they charge £5.50 for three spins in a smoked glass egg?' I know the answer to neither of these questions, but hey, life's all about doubt.


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