Saturday, October 01, 2005


All the text on my blog has grown - and it looks shit. This is what comes of trying to pretty it up. The lovely Vermizzle sent me a page on how to tamper with the tiny people inside my computer that put everything together and make things work. Hmm. She said, 'Go on. Pimp up your blog,' and I said, 'Cool'. And this is what happens. I need to find a machine person to help me put it back right.

It pissed down in Manchester today. It was almost satisfying inasmuch as one moment it was bright and breezy and the next it was slashing it down and the whole world was drenched to the skin. Even the really cool people who can choose anything they want from clothes shops and don't have to live with the knowledge that 95% of all clothes make them look like a bag of potatoes tied up with string got really wet and were caught out. Witness the Northern Quarter - half wet, half sunny.

So. It's Autumn. Leaves are falling. Things are dying. La La La. I get sick of all this seasonal shit. I want peaches. I want melons. I want light nights. And if the supermarket can provide them - well, I'll be there.

If I read another fucking up tight London food writer banging on about how I should be haunting farmers' markets and eating nothing but dew spattered shag-capped mushrooms and marsh-gathered samphire sprouts - I might have to resign from the reading population. I do not live near a farmers' market (well - there is one in town but it only sells shrink-wrapped emu meat and hare-compote and such like) and my local retail outlets do not include purveyors of wild dandelion leaves and borage. Get over it!

I keep meaning to write something really incisive about politics and the like, but what do you know, there are just so many other more important things on my mind...


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you can go under the template tab and reselect your template. you will lose any changes/links etc from your old one but it will be clean slate.

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