Monday, October 17, 2005

And now I'm back, from outer space...

Well, from an extended period of superhard work that prevented me from blogging. (That and a case of post-work exhaustion that involved being able to do little but get to and from my other job and inhale vast quantities of cake-based foods from my 'fridge. More about the 'fridge later.)

I have so many pictures I want to get onto the site - I might die in the attempt. Or not.

Here's an October sunset. Ahhh. See the pikey chavs poke lit fireworks through the letterboxes of pensioners. Smell the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness blend seamlessly into the harsh tang of burned out fiestas.

See the weekend revellers tottering down Canal Street on the way to oblivion (with the aid of alcopops and class A drugs).

Is there a legal limit to the height of a feather headpiece? I fear not.

I can't resist the urge to take sneaky shots inside the BBC whenever I visit - here's a shot of the hi-tech security systems in place...

Just to reassure any BBC types reading - I'm not a staff member about to expose the brutal working conditions, poltically contaminated editorial policy or the near criminal nature of the nutrition available in the canteen (I swear that the coffee was made in 1952 and is simply reheated on demand). And here's the picture to prove it...

It's all too exciting. And the first round of the Tory leadership takes place tomorrow too. Will Fat Ken get the boot? I hope not. The ability to wear suede while selling tobacco products to the third world is rare indeed and should not be tossed aside lightly.

Will Liam Fox get through? Hmm. Right wing doctors - it's just not on. How about David Davis? Is it me, or does he look like an extra from one of those episodes in East Enders where they stand around outside pretending to buy root vegetables while swapping unfeasible lines of dialogue in competition with gale force winds and a slashed wardrobe budget?

And then there's David Cameron. Oona King described him as Tory eye candy. Good grief. You'd have to diabetic and/or desprate to try and het him into your mouth. I was going to make an easy drug joke about him, but who am I to take a crack?

And while I'm on the serious subject of personality politics, let me take the opportunity to tell those po faced, righteous and sanctimonious political commentators (yes, you in the blogosphere as well as on 'real' media) that judging politicians on their personality and image is just as valid as an extended and mature consideration of their ideaological positions and policy stand points. I will felsh out this thesis at a later date - possibly - but just take it from me that it is the case.

So. The blog is back.
See you shortly.

PS Thanks to Undaunted for helping me solve the problem of 'bigtextitis' that my blog suffered earlier this month.


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