Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wet when slippery (?)

It started like this - and continued to rain. What a shit day. This is Manchester. (You can just spot the peak of URBIS in the background - go on, click on the image and enlarge it.)

Oh well. It ended with fun - off to a crap bar for the launch of Johnny Vegas' DVD of I Deal - he got up and did an off the cuff 15 minutes that had the whole place screaming. Free drinks and top entertainment from Debs - and she doesn't even have her own show yet - something wrong there...

And the day ended with more rain - and me digging around my pockets for taxi money outside the Palace Hotel...

I love the Palace Hotel - I just couldn't fit it into the view finder of my camera/phone - actually, I could barely stand up.

So. Good day or bad day? Bit of a tricky one. Another one is the safest bet.


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