Friday, September 02, 2005

Wake Up It's A Beautiful Morning

It really was one of those mornings - I woke up, hopped out of bed (stopping only to render the odd high spirited tune into the microphone of my shower gel bottle), prepared a nutricious yet satisfying breakfast and couldn't wait to start the day.

Being a media obsessive, within a couple of minutes I became fully acquainted with the latest horrors in Baghdad and New Orleans and felt somewhat chastened. Logging on to the usual range of blogs, I soon got the real picture. Thanks to Normblog, DCist, Nervous Breakdown and many more for the real news.

Thanks again to Nervous Breakdown for reminding me why the whole Katrina thing is the fault of the gays. I forgot for a moment - I was lost, and now I am found. Whatever. I think God would appreciate good grammar, fair weather or foul.

So. The picture looks nice, right? You wouldn't think that someone has been shot, stabbed and otherwise rendered dead within seconds of this view at least once a year sinced I moved in six years ago. Apart from that, it's a great place to live. [If the guy upstairs is reading, please don't let your dog piss on the balcony again. It drips down and has stripped the paint of my wall. I would complain, except I'm not the legal tenant - it's all very complex and tedious...] I must write more about this place soon - it's worth it.

In the distance is Manchester looking dewy and full of potential.


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