Monday, September 19, 2005

not to be sniffed at

I'd never really paid much attention to Salford Education office before. I walked past it after a meeting this morning and it looked great. Had I been educated in Salford, I feel I would haver remained well and truly educated.

It sort of sits there, arms folded, squatting at the bottom of Chapel Street - looking determined. I like it. And given what generations of pencil-licking, half-witted planners and town councillors have done to the heart of Salford over the past 50 years - you can understand the air of resigned aggression it exudes.

It even has a mini-Evita balcony. 'Don't cry for me Little Hulton!' Well, not much.

Back to the Northern Quarter later in the day and a brief call in to Matt & Phred's Jazz Club. Now that's a real bar.

My parents got back from holiday last night and they haven't called. I found myself sat at work thinking - I can't believe how selfish they are being, don't they know I want to be sure they got back from the airport ok? - then I realised I was turning into them. In a nice way. And then I realised they may well have thought that when I was younger, but they had the good grace never to say so to my face - so I am actually teetering on the verge of becoming an overbearing child. Hmm.


Blogger lors said...


what kind of bizarre comment sends you to a weird site of keywords?


i don't think i ever noticed the salford edu building ...

i was too busy trying to avoid being mugged when i lived there ...

9:54 pm  
Blogger c&v said...

It's spam... the cunning computer types can run programmes that can tell when you've updated your blog - and it gets posted to automatically... grr

8:34 am  
Blogger lors said...

spam schmam ... shouldn't be allowed ... you think you've got a lovely comment from a lovely person who's read your blog & then woe woe woe ... t'is just computer generated nonsense ...


7:02 pm  
Blogger c&v said...

time 10!

8:56 am  

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