Friday, September 16, 2005

I feel bad, but I laugh anyway

This could be a life motto. I know I shouldn't. If I think hard, I remember not to. But if I'm caught off guard, I often just do laugh. Not at really bad things - but things that are a bit cruel around the edges.

Take for example this from the bad boys and girls at Holy Moly:

Oh well.

Looking at the images on my 'phone, I found the following that I must have taken last night. I think beer affects my memory somehow - I might have a wheat allergy or something.

Anyway, it is obviously the case that the hallway of my block of flats has been taken over by a crazed gay horticulturalist. I offer the following evidence:

Now, my building already suffers from a rash of ill-advised plastic simulacra (I won't go into the story of the plastic birds of prey that one friend glued to his balcony to scare off the suicide-pigeons that kept nesting there) - and what appeared last night pushes us over edge - let's call it our Jumping the Couch moment.

Lord of the Swords. It's like getting lost in the less plausible end of B&Q Cheetham Hill's 'Outdoor Experience' themed garden section.

I will monitor the situation closely and may introduce some plastic insects to up the verisimilitude quotient.

Lovely Friend from Scotland is visiting and we are going out tomorrow night - hip hip. We get to inspect her new partner and pass judgement in subtle ways that do not involve hissing 'What are your intentions' and 'Do not force her to start liking anything we don't already like or you're in big trouble, mister' when she leaves his side for a second to buy us all more drinks in the hope that we will be too drunk to hiss comments of the aforementioned nature when her back is turned. At least those are some of the ground rules she has set. Heh heh heh. We have vays...


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