Tuesday, September 13, 2005

... here we come

The glorious view of Strange-ways on an Autumn morning - through reinforced glass and a layer of pigeon shit... pure class.

A strange day at work - really enjoyed the job itself today, but can't help feeling that a lot of the people around me are very unhappy in their work - and it shows in a lot of small ways. From an inability to see anything positive in what they (or anyone else does) to an almost pathological desire to see other people unhappy in what they do - it can be a very odd place indeed.

Oh well. Speaking of Odd.

Spent a great early evening in Odd Bar with Alex and the owner Cleo - we managed to get most of the world's serious mysteries sorted out (where men in silky shorts come from, how rumours start, what to text to someone you're not sure wants to shag you again) which is handy as I have to be up early to run...


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