Friday, September 09, 2005

Got Away

I spent about 35 minutes writing a really funny blog this evening - pictures, links, the lot - and then when I tried to post it, blogspot told me it was undergoing repairs. When it reopened, the whole lot was gone.

In the meanwhile, I became aware that the shouting and chattering down on below in the streets was more persistant than usual and looked out of the window. There was a large woman sat on a smaller woman hitting her around the head and sporadically dragging her around the pavement by her arms and hair. There were two people watching.

I called the police. Feeling sick. Yes, I did see violence. Yes, it was still going on. Yes, I think you should send someone... 30 minutes later - no police. About 5 minutes after I called, a man walked over and told the larger woman to get the fuck off. At this point, the woman underneath started abusing him and trying to grab his ankles and hit him. 'That's my fucking mother,' she screamed. 'Leave her the fuck alone.' The woman sat on top then started to pacify what now appeared to be her daughter. Then they all got up and left.

I still feel guilty that I didn't run straight down - even though it appears to have been a family trauma rather than an assault - the girl underneath was either drunk or on drugs, and all have left the scene. But the police still aren't here.

I need to leave this place, I think.


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