Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Das Boot

Grey morning, followed by terrible rain storms and a lovely afternoon. I love Autumn. If it wasn't for the total crap that one of my jobs brings at this time of year - I would be as happy as could be.

And Manchester shines at this time of year. There's a very particular angle of afternoon sunlight that you don't get anywhere else in the world. It's at its best at the top of Quay Street and the area around Lloyd Street and GMEX. Yellow, strong in intensity but frail at the same time - you know you'll only get to see it for a few days every year. You can't see it in today's picture - this one is of Wellington at the top corner of Piccadilly Gardens.

I feel sorry for Wellington - he's been trampled into history by marketing and the rise of the brand as uber-concept.

I have been suffering badly from Severe Misery Syndrome for the past couple of weeks - but it's like a switch has been flicked in my brain today. I am so much more relaxed and happy. I'd like to think that my return to blogging after last week's mini-break has helped me - and perhaps it has. I don't need to go into details in the blog - but I get to externalise some of the feelings and it really does help. I'll never be able to write (good) poetry, and I've never believed that good writing has anything to do with therapy anyway, but it's definitely true that expression is a way of moving forwards.

I bought my parents a digital camera a few weeks ago - before they went away to Greece - and asked my mam to send me a couple of the shots by email - something that summed up their holiday. She sent me one through today - mainly because she hasn't got the hang of the software yet and can only send one shot at a time - and what was it of? My parents framed agains the sunset? The beach in its glory? The Peloponnese in late Summer? Nope. A couple of waiters wrestling against the backdrop of a table stacked with tomatoes.

Oh well. It's all good...


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