Saturday, September 03, 2005

Country Member

Off to the country this evening. Alex picked me up at six and we headed off to have dinner with David and Neil who live in a country called Yorkshire - which is a lovely place. Broccoli is a novelty and creme fraiche borders on revolutionary.

David & Neil, however, are very cosmoplitan and did marvellous things with root vegetables, lamb and choux pastry - not all at the same time.

They live close to Hebden Bridge, a town popular with rich people and lady gays. Not mutually exclusive groups, I hasten to add - but often so. [See. I can do politics. I just sometimes choose not to.] After a long afternoon defrosting the fridge, it was a welcome relief to talk to real people.

Alex was on top form, and entertained us with hilarious stories of life in rural Hampshire: Apparently, not everyone there has their own servants anymore, and some people have to share. It sounds awful.

I had to leave at 10pm to come back to Manchester - more's the pity. However, I have a run/swim session planned for the morning and a lot to do at work. Besides, I have to sit and gloat infront of my newly de-iced fridge for a while - life can be very good...


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