Thursday, September 01, 2005

Clicks & Motor

I love the junction between Lever Street and Dale Street. On one corner there's the beautiful, though fading, red brick of Slater Menswear. Slater itself is relegated to the upper floors and on the ground floor there are a couple of really odd shops, one selling supplies for pagans (is there a rule that pagans have to wear baggy black clothes, retro rock t-shirts and things with small pieces of mirror sewn to them?) and the other specialising in broken bits of cameras and other fiddly bits of machines that once did something useful until a company in China invented a quicker, cheaper and prettier way of doing whatever it is it was designed to do. The customers for the former shop seem to be predominantly women in their 20s and 30s (and the occasional etiolated goth boy) while the market for the latter is entirely male. Usually wearing spectacles and often wearing short sleeved shirts.

On the other corner of this junction is a truly horrific - to the point of beauty - smallish office block that has recently been converted into 'City Apartments'. I've seen photos of the apartments and they look small - and all have office-y windows. A new language school has opened up in the bottom section of the block (in a former newsagent/greasy spoon/convenience store that shut up shop a month or so ago leaving a heart breaking note in the window thanking its former customers and apologizing for going bust) and it looks fascinating - there are classrooms right on the street level and you can see straight in.

On the corner from where I took this shot - yeah, I know I cut off the top of it, I was aiming for urban mystery/incompetence, and I think I got there - is another of Manchester's fabulous Victorian redbricks - which is now functioning as inadequate office space for a variety of random businesses: fashion designers and wholsalers, private doctors, model agencies, sales companies, Agro-Science companies (we must need that in Manchester somewhere) and the like. There's always a group of young men in their 20s, hanging out and smoking on the steps of this building. They dress smartly and put a lot of effort into their smoking and talking - I imagine they are in sales, everything they do looks competitive.


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