Sunday, September 18, 2005

Blog Rage

I have blog rage. I spent ages writing last night's blog (OK, minutes) and then it all froze, so I started again. And then it wouldn't upload any images. Grrr. So I did the rational thing and sulked at my computer - and hurled a few choice names in its direction for good measure.

To complete my revenge, I am only posting some images of yesterday. (With the odd caption - out of guilt.)

This a favourite sight at the end of the day. The lift arriving at my floor. Hurrah.

The next one is a shirt badge. Dave's shirt. A very nice shirt too. Not at all gay. Oh no.

And we have the view from the taxi on the way home - the Midland Hotel. On a Saturday night - harsh.

Lovely friend's new boyfriend passed muster. So far. But should be made aware that we are watching. Closely.

This computer has started to slow down. They all do after about 18 months. It could have something to do with the accretion of spyware, viruses and other nasty things - as well as large amounts of blog images - but is more likely to be related to built in obsolescence and the evils of a consumer society. I will just buy a newer, sexier one. Oh yeah - and that stuff about condemning the consumer society. Well, let's just forget that shall we?


Blogger lors said...

i'm glad you liked Mr Steve ...
he's a very nice man ...

i'm also glad you like ellipses ...

i like them too ...

entertaining discussion of their over-usage - here:


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