Monday, September 26, 2005

Application. That's what you need.

If you wanna be the best. If you wanna beat the rest. Oooh Oooh. Dedic..... oh. Wrong words again.

It's a very odd process applying for jobs. I spent about 5 hours sorting out an application over the weekend and it reminded me of the first time I watched the film 'Maurice'. Now, if I remember rightly from a second viewing a few years ago, it's all about burgeoning sexuality, hypocrisy, class and Edwardian England. What I took away from seeing it was a desperate desire for a curly/floppy fringe. To the extent that I spent an entire afternoon plugged in to my mothers curling tongs and tied my hair in rags a la American childhood literature of the 1880s. (Think Anne of Green Gables - with a Geordie accent and fewer horses and carts.)

It isn't the coiffure that reminds me of job applications. It's the disappointment that I experienced when - after curling my hair assiduously for several hours and cultivating fairly detailed fantasies of a better life brought about by curly hair - I realised that my hair would stay curly for about, oooh, 1 hour and then went back to pubescent lankness. Depsite the adverts, the images and the descriptions on the tongs and associated hair products, it just didn't work. Or if it did, then not for very long.

That's what reminds be about applying for and/or getting a new job. You think it will be different, that it will change your life, that you will be better, happier and somehow different. But it just isn't so. You revise your life and retell the story of your 'career' in the same way that you fantasise about how different things would be if you had curly hair/a flatter stomach/were more attractive. But the reality is a different thing altogether. Same planet, different orbit.

Oh well.

See the tiny Police Museum where there's a Victorian court room and authentic old world cells. You can only get access for 10 minutes every third Thursday in the month during years with a 3 in. Or somesuch. See

I'm also adding another picture of the divine Antony - I have tickets for the November 30 show in Glasgow and am already excited.

Hurrah for Antony. Hurrah for Laura. Hurrah for Angharad (and her new car and out of town superstores where you are allowed to buy more things than you can carry in one go).


Blogger ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

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Blogger c&v said...

Hey Chris - heisse auch eigentlich Chris - aber wohne nicht in NRW...

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