Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Invisible (& Tattooed) Hand of the Market

To continue the theme, this is one of favourite advertising hoardings in Manchester. It kind of sums up the power and blindness of the market in one fell swoop. There’s genius at work here, really.

I wonder if the owners set up the tattoo removal business as their old customers returned with faded and embarrassing tattoos. Perhaps they are just really caring people who, after setting up the removal business, found that they couldn’t remove tattoos very well so decided to employ a tattooist to cover up the marks of the badly removed tattoos? Could the tattoo remover be the boyfriend, wife, son, daughter or bitter rival of the tattooist? Might he or she have set up shop next door to said rival in order to shame them in the wake of a bitter break up? They might work in tandem – like your spellchecker in Word – erasing or correcting mistakes in real time.

It always sets me thinking, anyway.


Blogger lors said...

Hey monsieur le blog, I worked in a bikers pub once. Was full of blokes (& lady blokes) tatted up to the eyeballs with - erm - tatts. My particular favourites were the hinges on the inner elbow joints. Was also quite fond of a spider's web on the outer elbow joint ... &, frankly, an ACDC symbol looked tremendous just about anywhere ... ahem. How would you disguise ACDC I wonder ... perhaps add a couple of 'I's ...

10:23 pm  
Blogger c&v said...

Why yes - I believe you are right 'Lors'. How cunning you are - have you considered a career in the higher echelons of the civil service??

8:17 am  

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